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Dear Sirs!

It is our pleasure to present NORD BROKERS GROUP Sp. z o.o. - the professional, independent insurance and financial broker, the leader on the Polish market.



Established in 1990, since 1992 has been known as NORD. The financial market, dynamically developing and the aspiration to provide our Customers the highest quality service has borne fruits through establishing NORD BROKERS GROUP the consulting group.

Our company is being built by us based on high criterions. The evidence is the fact that NBG fulfils all thresholds and requirements placed consecutively, regarding the consulting branch. We employ the staff with the highest professional skills. Thanks to this fact we got steady, high level of the brokerage service provided to our Customers.

Among our customers you can find: large industry - including the stock exchange companies, construction companies, forwarding companies, freight carriers, colleges and universities, institutes, associations, banks, leasing companies; gas, water, thermal energy and electric energy distributors, middle business.
During ten years of our business activity we have been noting permanent development in all aspects of our activity. An innovative and determined consulting is extremely important, because it impinges on the whole of our business work.
It is especially important in our times, when insurance programs, reflecting development and requirements of the market become more and more complicated and interdisciplinary.
Thanks to consistent realization of such assumption
NORD BROKERS GROUP belongs to the sparse group of the domestic broker companies quoted / rated on west markets.


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The independence is treated as the priority and gives the best guaranty us to fully involve in insurance matters of our Customers.
The reputation of
NBG is built on the brokerage service that is being permanently modified together with the developing financial market.
Moreover our independence gives the three important profits:

  • discipline resulting from the consequent need to squeeze out our competition;
  • ability to identify and focus on providing creative solutions;
  • elimination of the interest conflict;


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The quality of products offered by NBG is much more higher than the quality offered some years ago, higher one than comparable products offered by insurance broker companies running their business on Polish insurance market. Our Partners are counsellors of chairmen of the biggest Polish banks, specialists in the field of unconventional methods to finance companies - with doctor's degrees. Our Customer's portfolio consists of ca. 200 business entities.

The clear management system contributes also to our success. The stable management staff, the distinctly divided tasks and competences make that even the most complicated problems are solved fast and effectively. The clear system of internal procedures and controlling and our own legal department minimize the error / mistake risk. Comprehensiveness of the service provided by NORD BROKERS GROUP, the service being the combination of risk management with financial services is currently the sensation on the Polish market determining new Customer service standards.


We hope that the presentation hereof will meet your interest and will bear the long-term, mutually profitable, partner's cooperation.


With kind regards,

The Chairman
Zdzisław Sochan


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