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Within our business activity we execute technical operations related to placing insurance policies, we work out insurance terms and conditions, insurance policies and we settle indemnity cases. NORD BROKERS GROUP deals with the whole range of the insurance-related matters of its customers and is fully prepared to run every matter related to wide-comprehended insurance.
We are the authors of many innovative solutions consisting in designing and implementing long-term general insurance contracts. The complex brokerage service run by our company for many good-known companies is for You the excellent guaranty to get the professional insurance broker's service of paramount fineness. The market and content-related potential obtained during the past 10 years of our business activity places NBG among the biggest insurance broker companies in this part of Europe. The nationwide business activity enables us to make even the most complicated business enterprises.

During our business practice we have been doing so far we were working out the insurance programs encompassing the property insurances such as:

  • FLEXA+EC, machinery breakdown, business interruption, TELA insurance, theft with burglary, robbery, cargo, EAR-CAR;
  • liability insurance (inter alia by virtue of professional activity by members of a board of directors, by virtue of damages to natural environment, tenant liability, non-registered vehicle liability, domestic and export product liability, contract liability, forwarder liability, freight carrier liability, shipowner liability, professional liability);
  • financial insurance
    • bails, warranties, pledges, guarantees including contract guarantees (deposit guarantee, good performance guarantee, advance reimbursement guarantee),
    • domestic and international outstandings / dues (trade and political risks),
    • customs duties
    • factoring outstandings / dues
    • instalment repayments including leasing repayments;
  • internet sale / trade/ deal risks: e-commerce, e-comprehensive;
  • transport / traffic risks: overland - vehicles, nautical and air-risks;
  • accident insurance for the special / increased-risk professions;
  • all risks occurring at immobile and mobile telephony operators;
  • complex insurance of objects leased;
  • complex insurance programs for chemical risks;

The second essential element of our business activity is the group life insurance with pension fund. At present we work on implementing the Employee Pensionary Programs.

Each insurance program worked out by NORD BROKERS GROUP is customer-tailored and is the effect of a cooperation with a customer during designing such a program, so that the final form of the insurance program is the correlation of real Customer's needs included in the form of legal formulas (an agreement / a contract), the needs resulting from a character of a business activity, to an expected economic effect, in case when an insurance risk (damage) occurs, with relation to costs incurred (insurance premium).

An insurance agreement / contract arranged by NORD BROKERS GROUP includes extra clauses resulting from the insurance program approved by a Customer. In effect a Customer gets a product tailored both to its needs resulting from actual threatens and from financial possibilities (defined by the profitableness parameter).

The long-term professional experience and practice to conduct insurance matters for a wide spectrum of our customers shows the panorama of the business potential, NBG has ready to use.

  • the potential to provide the appropriate, professional service;
  • the comprehensiveness when designing and implementing insurance programs including the world insurance programs (umbrellas);
  • the leasing insurance broker position and its ability to affect the insurance market by creating insurance standards and brokerage service standards;
  • possibilities to effectively arrange insurance coverage for specific and non-standard risks;
  • the stable broker's position and its status on the insurance market;




  • concluding the Broker Agreement
  • issuing the Broker Proxy for NORD BROKERS GROUP sp. z o.o.



  • revision of insurance policies concluded so far
    • on the legal - content-related hand
    • on the economic effectiveness hand
  • putting forward outcomes and conclusions


Insurance program:

  • identifying insurance risks that may occur
    • direct risks - occurring within the business activity area
    • indirect risks - resulting from a business activity character and an environment character
  • drawing up a list of risks together with a proposed scope of insurance
  • selecting insurance clauses, enclosures, attachments and alterations in the general policy conditions
  • putting forward the insurance program to be approved by a Customer


Insurance contract:

  • preparing the broker's slip consistent with the approved insurance program,
  • conducting detailed negotiations with insurance companies,
  • putting forward insurance offers together with analysis and conclusions,
  • leading to conclusions of insurance contracts;


Customer service:

  • supervising settlement proceedings
    • adopting claim applications
    • giving orders to claim settlement officers
    • estimation of an event as regards the insurer's responsibility
    • suing for advances
    • suing with appeals
  • activities related to current administering insurance policies
    • supplementary insurance (sums insured)
    • expansion or constraint of insurance coverage
    • cessions of insurance policy rights
  • insuring new risks according to wishes and needs of a Customer




Our proposal of process and rules are based on many years experience
of cooperation with Clients. However we are opened for any attentions.


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